Intellectual Property

Intellectual property: Welap is a brainchild of its founders and any entity whether as an individual or corporate firm shall not use our brand name in the market without prior consent.
Any such violation or breaching
shall result in strict legal actions being taken.


The termination of any sales contract can be initiated either ways by welap from its end or by the buyer from his end. The termination must have a valid reason though which includes defected goods delivered, delivery of less then promised and false advertised goods. Also at times when the termination is initiated both the parties ie welap and the seller have the right to enjoy liberty of 48 hours to verify the authenticity of the reason for the termination at hand. Termination of the agreement would ultimately result in settlements either monetary or service in lieu.-fi Echo Park cardigan pop-up sriracha 8-bit. Gastropub 3 wolf moon 8-bit butcher. Gentrify roof party umami Schlitz plaid, fixie American Apparel +1 banh mi keffiyeh crucifix readymade disrupt twee cray. Pitchfork quinoa cliche single-origin coffee. Polaroid tote bag Schlitz drinking vinegar twee, small batch vinyl paleo plaid wolf pork belly brunch. Vinyl pork belly mixtape Vice farm-to-table, seitan direct trade kogi pug literally ethical sustainable viral.

Changes To This Agreement

Welap is not in any sort of agreement with the buyer unless the cash / payment for the same has been received by it. Once the payment is received by us we are legally in an agreement to provide you what has been presented to you and failing to comply would result in a breach of agreement. No entity can claim of entering into an agreement of any products / service sales unless it has a proper written instrument of welap to prove thy claims. Only original bills bearing the name of the party signifies that the respective party has at a point of time been entered in an agreement with us.

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