Tips for Buying New Computer

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Today I would like to share some important tips to buy laptop. We all often get confused while making a purchase decission regarding buying a laptop or a desktop. So here are some things to unsolve your confusions.

1Ths purpose:

Most important thing to be clear about in your mind is to know the purpose of yours to buy laptop. 

Your purpose could be anything whether day to day office laptop use which includes simple documenting and mailing or it could be high end gaming or graphics designing or video editing.

2. Processor

Once you are clear about what would be the use of your laptop you can then consider the type of processor you would need. If your usage would be a basic one such as office usage you could go for an i3 processor and if the usage requires more power then you should go for a higher end one i.e i5 or i7. Processors are responsible for how well the laptop or desktop works in pressured multi tasking.

3. RAM 

This is the systems inbuilt memory which in other way means its capacity to perform. The higher the RAM the more capacitive the machine is to work.


It is an essential part to consider when you decide to buy laptop or buy desktop. The higher the capacity of the hard disk the more you can store and use smoothly.


It all boils down to the laptop prices We always want lowest price laptops so we better try to find the best one with the best combination.

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