History of Computers..

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Computers I believe the most fascinating and revolutionary invention in the history of mankind. Its so amazing to see the way they have transformed themselves and the variety we see in them today. Its evolution from a big bulky not so carriable box to smart machines as small as finger tips its just been an extravagance.

When we look around ourselves today there is not much left that has not been influenced by computers. Our day begins and ends with the aid of computers.

But is this all at the cost of human intellect ???

Well that’s what the world has in large at debate these days. But lets just face it that we all love being a bit cuddled and helped and whats wrong if we have our artificial intelligence counterparts doing it for us.

I feel that with the years to come this one invention “the computer” would give birth to many more impact-full technologies.

And that’s the reason we at http://welap.in love this invention  so much so that we decided to make a living out of it ..


Aadil Shah

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    • Temash Design

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