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Welap is your ultimate stop / junction for all your IT related day to day needs. Established in 2013 we have come up a long way as of now building up a vast amount of satisfied customers and becoming a recognized brand in the tech market with a wide range of products and services which includes Laptops, Desktops, Customize software, and complete IT corporate solutions.

Whatever be your need, be it individual or be it on a corporate scale we have them looked after. Since the time of our establishment we have expanded our operations across India having our clients in all known cities of India. Our professional team of experts helps us   become able to cater to requirements in various cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow and as and where the demand comes from.

Welap offers you the best products at best deals and we don’t just stop there. We make sure that we are always there to help you out in any scenario where you need our help through our unmatched customer service which includes both pre sales and post sales.

At welap you shall find all your needs under one roof and so you don’t have to wander around looking at different places and getting at a confused mind state.

As you must have noticed, we are not just giving you a good deal on prices but we are also providing you an amazing opportunity to explore more options.

We hope you have a great experience here.


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Tips to Buy A Computer..

We at WeLAP INDIA would like to educate our consumers about important factors to consider while buying a computer be it a laptop or desktop. Our sole purpose of higlighting these factors is mere consumer education and helping them make a better choice for themselves. We all often get confused while making a purchase decission regarding buying a laptop or a desktop. So we list below for you the factore to keep in mind while you think of buying a computer.

1. Ths motive / utility.
Most important thing to be clear about in your mind is to know as to what you would be using your laptop / desktop for. Your purpose could be anything whether day to day official work which includes simple documenting and mailing or it could be much more complex such as server room utility, graphical designing etc. It is therefore essential to buy a machine that would provide optimum utility.

2. Processor
Once the motive / utility of the computer is decided, one must think of the amount of work load you would be giving on it. If your usage would be a basic one such as office usage you could go for an i3 processor and if the usage requires more power then you should go for a higher end one i.e i5 or i7. It should be noted that processors are key components of a computer which are responsible for its overall smooth functioning.

3. RAM
If your every work depends on your computer it means that your machine has a lot of running and data computations to do and thus it must have a capable and high amount of RAM.

Whatever you use your computer for there is always a lot of data to store with so much of stuff available through the net. You wouldnt want your computer to be restricted to just work or just play, you would rather wish to get the most out of it. Which means you would need lots of space in it and hence chosing the right amount of space hard disk is another essential factor to be considered.

It all boils down to the laptop prices We always want lowest price laptops so we better try to find the best one with the best combination.